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Estimating & Invoicing Checklist

  1. Do you offer a “Fixed-Fee” and/or “Cost-Plus” bid options?
    • Contractor’s Corner does renovations based on an Estimate or a “Cost-Plus” bid.  We estimate based on available information.  However, if when a wall is opened up and issues arise, this will be added to your final invoice.
  2. Do you have a standard Payment Schedule?
    • We require a 30% deposit at the time of signing, this goes towards your material orders, once the work is mostly completed and all materials are on site (unless otherwise stated) a remainder of 50% is due.  The final 20% is due upon completion of any warranty work that may have been required.
  3. Can you give us a rough estimate of our project cost?
    • Yes, Contractor’s Corner does quick, basic estimates for your projects for a $50 fee.  This includes a site visit, a kitchen design and a basic renovation labor and materials, based on years of experience and costs associated with these renovations.
    • Once you are good with the basic estimate, we will move forward with specific details, adding fixtures and other products.
  4. Are there circumstances that can affect the budget/schedule?
    • Every change during a renovation will change the schedule, not the budget all the time, but most of the time.  Unforeseen circumstances like issues inside your walls, etc will change the scope of work.
  5. Can our project be broken into phases?
    • Yes.  We have done projects where we start in one area of the home and move through it.  Some have done two bathrooms and we start and finish one before moving onto the other.
  6. Is there a fee for a “Detailed Bid”?
    • Yes $200, which will be credited to you when you go with the job.