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The Project Process

Contractor’s Corner understands home renovations are very personal.  Renovating your home means customizing the space that you spend the majority of your time in to make it better suit you. We want yours and every renovation to run smoothly and efficiently.

Planning and Visualization

The most critical step in any renovation is planning.  Critique the space you want to remodel or develop.  What is currently working for you, what isn’t.  What do you use the space for? It is common to have difficulty visualizing your new space.  We have a few options to assist you with visualizing, we have 3D renderings for cabinet spaces and if it’s a bigger project we work with


List your needs first, then add what you would like. Prioritizing is important, it makes it possible to incorporate the needs into your plans first, then if the space allows, you can add in your likes.

Establish a Budget

Establish a budget for the entire project and openly discuss it with the Project Manager. Unrealistic expectations can result if you don’t express your targeted ceiling price and what you hope to get for your money. There are always alternative options to your first choices that can later be changed when your budget permits. Examples would be light fixtures and countertops.  Keep in mind that there are costs involved with the construction portion of the project and the budget should allow for more than the just the aesthetics. Establish a goal and determine the scope of the job. If you intend to undertake some “do-it-yourself” tasks within the project, discuss them early with your Project Coordinator to ensure proper scheduling and coordination. Other things to consider are cabinetry and any special order items which can have lead-times of 4-8 weeks for delivery to the job site. It is more cost efficient and headache free to begin construction when the materials are readily available.

Preparation and What to Expect

To prepare for construction, pack any applicable items to clear out the room(s) that are to be worked in. Remove any items from the walls in neighboring rooms, to prevent your belongings from falling off the walls. Keep in mind that it’s a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement.